Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knocking on wood

Introducing Justin King, one of the all-time favorites of guitarists for his 'Flamenco' style paired with his guitar-tapping skills, these arrangements by Justin King himself had made him well-known to the music world.

If the guitar isn't enough to amaze you, wait until you hear his tapping skills unlike any other.

Knock on Wood by Justin King:

If that was too much, heres a video of Knock on Wood on a single neck guitar:

Crown by Justin King:

Credits for the videos go to DrDread, guitarsoul and BeautfulGuitarMusic

In case you're wondering, he uses a Doolin Double Neck on the 1st two and a Breedlove(I think) Acoustic on the last one.

Brief History:
Justin King was born June 13, 1979 in Palmer, Alaska. He went to school until his sophomore year where he took up painting in the San Francisco Art Institute. At the age of 14, he started to compose songs and began to play the guitar. By the age of 19, he specialized himself with the acoustic guitar and released his 1st two solo albums, Justin King and Original on 1999 and 2000 respectively.

After the release of album on 2001, Le Bleu, his guitar skills where appreciated, but was left at that. It wasn't until his videos were released on the internet that his artistic vocation became a great hit. The 1st video of King was a powerful display of 'Phunkdified'. These videos introduced King's music stlye and wowed musicians and wowed both musicians and non-musicians alike resulting in numerous covers of his songs. His tapping skills were highly acclaimed and can be considered to be on a different level(or rather, unique) than most tap guitarists.

For the next few years, King and his bandmates continued on releasing more albums such as C-Side and "X-III". Around 2007, the band broke up along with their contract with their label due to 'conflicting interests' with the band's future. As of recent news, Justin King took up photography and painting. Though his musical career won't be gone anytime soon he will be preparing for a new album release this year.

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