Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guitar Drumming

Here's something worth learning to spice up your playing style. Some guitarists have a hard time following a constant beat while playing songs. To overcome this, theses tutorials teaches you the basics on how to play drums on your acoustic guitar's hollow body. Master this, and you can play beats along with a song with just a single instrument.

Petteri Sariola - How To Drum Your Guitar

Guitar drumming with John Butler

Credits for the videos go to petterisariola and TheGuitarSessions

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sing it Again

I'll be taking a break from the more uncommon names and post someone more familiar, say, Marie Digby. Best known for the Umbrella cover on Youtube plus a few others, she's has heightened her career and inspired other musician video bloggers.

This version of her original song, 'Stupid for You', I posted 'cause i thought it sounded better than the recorded version, but still, both were just as good.

Stupid for You by Marie Digby

Credits for the video goes to MarieDigby

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