Thursday, November 26, 2009

Billie Jean by Igor Presnyakov

cr: Iggypres
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guitar Drumming

Here's something worth learning to spice up your playing style. Some guitarists have a hard time following a constant beat while playing songs. To overcome this, theses tutorials teaches you the basics on how to play drums on your acoustic guitar's hollow body. Master this, and you can play beats along with a song with just a single instrument.

Petteri Sariola - How To Drum Your Guitar

Guitar drumming with John Butler

Credits for the videos go to petterisariola and TheGuitarSessions

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sing it Again

I'll be taking a break from the more uncommon names and post someone more familiar, say, Marie Digby. Best known for the Umbrella cover on Youtube plus a few others, she's has heightened her career and inspired other musician video bloggers.

This version of her original song, 'Stupid for You', I posted 'cause i thought it sounded better than the recorded version, but still, both were just as good.

Stupid for You by Marie Digby

Credits for the video goes to MarieDigby

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Acoustic Dream

I was just randomly surfing some songs, when I just happen to stumble upon this video of two girls covering a Lady Gaga song. At 1st you'd think they were just trying to be cute(Here, I thought it would be too cheesy), but when they started playing it was just amazing! The guitarist, Jordan McCoy is ,not surprisingly, a member of a pop group, Dream. I'm not sure if it's that they have incredible voices, or maybe it's the fact that they're singing in the bathroom that makes this sound so good.

Just Dance by Jordan McCoy & Hunter

Credits for the video goes to OFFICALDREAMTV

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hot Capo Stew

Introducing Trace Bundy, an instrumental acoustic guitarist famous for his guitar tapping skills. His tapping style is unique in where he plays with both hands tapping, and in some performances, utilizes looping and amazing use of capos. A DVD recording of his, entitled 'Adapt', features one of his live concerts where he did some incredible covers and originals.

Here are some of his clips from that DVD:

Hot Capo Stew


Credits for the video goes to bboydd and heiva

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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Another excellent piece by tapping artist, Justin King.

Phunkdified by Justin King

Credits for the video goes to agustinfunes

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Acoustic Medley

While the news is still fresh, here's another tribute to the King of Pop, done by Youtube guitarist JussJef. The arrangement here is a wonderful medley of 10 Michael Jackson songs. With great use of Delay and Loop, listen to this performance in his(MJ's) memory.

Here are the songs in the medley(in order)
  • I Want You Back
  • The Love You Saved
  • Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
  • Thriller
  • Rock With You
  • Pretty Young Thing
  • Human Nature
  • Bad
  • The Way You Make Me Feel
  • Never Can Say Goodbye

MJ Tribute by JussJef

Credits for the video goes to JussJef

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Carelessly Classical

Naudo, he's probably the 1st fingerstyle guitarist I've idolized. You would've expected him to play reggae music by his looks plus the dreadlocks, but once you listen to his covers (from Spanish songs to Rock to Love songs and even to theme songs like Pink Panther and Mission Impossible!) you'll be amazed at how much assorted his music can be.

Naudo once had a channel on Youtube containing a playlist full of his amazing covers resulting in thousands of subscribers. After a while though, his account was suddenly banned for what seems to be 'copyright' reasons. Thousands of subscribers have then sought out the Youtube sensation as far as one fan even posting a video with a song 'Where is Naudo?'. Details on why he has moved from Youtube can be found on his blog.

Careless Whisper by NAUDO

Link: Careless Whisper

Hotel California by NAUDO

Link: Hotel California 2 (nuevo arreglo)

credits for the videos go to NAUDO
His videos can be found in and

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

O Fortuna Fingerstyle

Another favorite for fingerstyle playing. Edgar Cruz is a classical guitarist, he's already released a number of CD's of tutorials and albums, and has performed in numerous concerts around the globe. In this live performance just in his hometown, he plays a classical piece by Carmina Buroff, O Fortuna.

O Fortuna by Edgar Cruz

Credits for the video goes to piecesofedgar

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Four Hand Guitar

Another amusing performance this time by guitarists Antoine Dufour and Tommy Gauthier. This acoustic duo scored a number of over 8 million viewers for their amazing performance on a single acoustic guitar.

Jerry's Breakdown by Jerry Reed

Credits for the video goes to tommygauthier

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Faulkner's new album

Previously, I mentioned an upcoming Newton Faulkner album somewhere this year. On Faulkner's MySpace blog, it was announced that the new album will be coming on the 21st of September entitled: 'Rebuilt by Humans'. The album contains songs that Newton only sang, so far, during his live performances such as: 'I Took It On You' and 'Won't Let You Go'.

You can find more information of the album release here
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Mystery Guitar Man

Featuring another Youtube sensation that goes by the username MysteryGuitarMan. Here, he plays a classical piece Marriage of Figaro done by Mozart. This certain arrangement involves 3 guitars each playing different , all played by MysteryGuitarMan. Coupled with professional editing, you're sure to be amused by this video.

Marriage of Figaro by Mozart

Credits for the video goes to MysteryGuitarMan

Tabs can be found here

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I will be updating this post from time to time. Every time I feature a new artist on the blog, they will be added here. Here, I will leave links for you to check them out yourselves. Good surfing!

no links yet
Justin King
Lady Gaga
Newton Faulkner
Sungha Jung
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sungha's covers King of Pop

Thousands of tributes have been done for the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson(may he rest in peace). There were dance tributes, videos, song, and covers all over the web. One such recognition to the King caught my attention, it was performed live at the Acoustic Guitar Meeting on April 4 2009 in Giessen/Rödgen, Germany. Played by one of the brightest fingertyle guitarists I've seen: Sungha Jung, a talented Korean boy, guitarist and Youtube star.

This is one of my favorite performances, simply because not only am I a fan of fingerstyle and classical playing but Sungha is just so amazing.

Billie Jean by Sungha Jung

Credits for the video goes to geert1957

RIP Michael Jackson, and Cheers for Sungha!

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Piano Face

If you don't know what song I'm referring to, I'm not sure what planet you're from. The one I'm talking about is the acoustic piano performance of Poker Face done by Lady Gaga herself. It has been a while since this song was released, and she's STILL at the top of the charts.

This specific video is included as one of the tracks on her first live EP, The Cherrytree Sessions. You've got to admit, this gal may seem different at first, but she's got style as a musician.

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Credits for the video go to violetvelvet

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

IU covers Gee, Lies, Sorry Sorry

IU, a very talented Korean female singer. If you did you're Korean celebrity research, you should know that IU has one amazing voice(not to mention she plays the guitar) that matches with her very well. This 16 year old only recently played covers for a number of big hit Korean songs.

On a newly aired episode of Yu Hui Yeol's Sketchbook, she did those covers live to a huge crowd, doing acoustic covers of Gee by SNSD, Lies by Big Bang and Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. She wowed the audience with her beautiful voice while playing the guitar.

IU covers Gee, Lies and Sorry Sorry:

Credits for the video go to CodeMonmonSeason2

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Newton's Law of Acoustics

Let's go slower as I introduce you to Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner or Newton Faulkner for short, and if you think you've seen a one man band, this guitarist from Surrey can outstrip most by just playing his guitar, singing and hitting his guitar as percussion. His style includes a rythmic and catchy beat while singing songs from folk to alternative. His compositions possess that adult contemporary sound as with songs you hear from those such as Michael Bublé, John Mayer, Tim McGraw, etc. Hope you enjoy these videos.

All I Got by Newton Faulkner:

Feels Like Home by Newton Faulkner

I Need Something by Newton Faulkner

Will feature more of this amazing musician after he releases his new album somewhere in August! Stay tuned!

Credits for the videos go to Phoemail, user908356462 and liddington

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knocking on wood

Introducing Justin King, one of the all-time favorites of guitarists for his 'Flamenco' style paired with his guitar-tapping skills, these arrangements by Justin King himself had made him well-known to the music world.

If the guitar isn't enough to amaze you, wait until you hear his tapping skills unlike any other.

Knock on Wood by Justin King:

If that was too much, heres a video of Knock on Wood on a single neck guitar:

Crown by Justin King:

Credits for the videos go to DrDread, guitarsoul and BeautfulGuitarMusic

In case you're wondering, he uses a Doolin Double Neck on the 1st two and a Breedlove(I think) Acoustic on the last one.

Brief History:
Justin King was born June 13, 1979 in Palmer, Alaska. He went to school until his sophomore year where he took up painting in the San Francisco Art Institute. At the age of 14, he started to compose songs and began to play the guitar. By the age of 19, he specialized himself with the acoustic guitar and released his 1st two solo albums, Justin King and Original on 1999 and 2000 respectively.

After the release of album on 2001, Le Bleu, his guitar skills where appreciated, but was left at that. It wasn't until his videos were released on the internet that his artistic vocation became a great hit. The 1st video of King was a powerful display of 'Phunkdified'. These videos introduced King's music stlye and wowed musicians and wowed both musicians and non-musicians alike resulting in numerous covers of his songs. His tapping skills were highly acclaimed and can be considered to be on a different level(or rather, unique) than most tap guitarists.

For the next few years, King and his bandmates continued on releasing more albums such as C-Side and "X-III". Around 2007, the band broke up along with their contract with their label due to 'conflicting interests' with the band's future. As of recent news, Justin King took up photography and painting. Though his musical career won't be gone anytime soon he will be preparing for a new album release this year.

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