Monday, July 27, 2009

Carelessly Classical

Naudo, he's probably the 1st fingerstyle guitarist I've idolized. You would've expected him to play reggae music by his looks plus the dreadlocks, but once you listen to his covers (from Spanish songs to Rock to Love songs and even to theme songs like Pink Panther and Mission Impossible!) you'll be amazed at how much assorted his music can be.

Naudo once had a channel on Youtube containing a playlist full of his amazing covers resulting in thousands of subscribers. After a while though, his account was suddenly banned for what seems to be 'copyright' reasons. Thousands of subscribers have then sought out the Youtube sensation as far as one fan even posting a video with a song 'Where is Naudo?'. Details on why he has moved from Youtube can be found on his blog.

Careless Whisper by NAUDO

Link: Careless Whisper

Hotel California by NAUDO

Link: Hotel California 2 (nuevo arreglo)

credits for the videos go to NAUDO
His videos can be found in and

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